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The main building blocks of our IT support offering is its proactive nature. Through our 24/7 monitoring systems an our regular onsite visits, we normally solve problems before our clients are aware of them.

To back the proactive nature of our support we run a UK based helpdesk that is manned by professionally qualified and experienced IT support staff.

This helpdesk provides unlimited office based support (8.00am to 18:00pm weekdays). We already know your service is fully operational through our monitoring systems we do not charge or measure the support calls that come into our helpdesk during office hours.

In addition to this, we at IT Action understand that there are occasions where business critical IT support issues happen out of hours such the all important sales meeting and you cannot access email etc. IT Action has available its 24/7 manned helpdesk for business critical events and a guaranteed immediate response to business critical issues.

Clients can raise support issues either via our web portal, by email or by telephone. Once raised, this support issue will be track via our online call handling system right through to its resolution.

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