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Nominet Channel Partner IT Action Ltd is a Nominet Channel Partner.   Below are the key terms of our contract in relation to Nominet domains (.uk, .co.uk,...
Proactively Monitoring IT systems 24 /7 The remote monitoring of client systems and proactive alerting of potential issues before they become critical is a key component of IT Actions...
24/7 Help Desk & Support The main building blocks of our IT support offering is its proactive nature. Through our 24/7 monitoring systems an our regular onsite visits, we...
IT Support   Full IT Support is essential for the smooth running of your business. All too often IT Support is purely Reactive with a helpdesk of...
Digital Marketing Open Source Web Application Development Open source web application development team at IT Action will work in sync with your web-presence...
IT Advisory Services As your business grows and evolves, inevitably your IT strategy must evolve with it. At IT Action, our strategic and technical advisory team...
Project Management     IT Action has the proven capability to deliver simple and complex IT projects of varying size. IT Action’s wealth of experience in...
One Stop Procurement   Dynamic businesses need a diverse range of IT hardware, software and services to effectively deliver their own products and services to...

Full IT Support

small and medium businesses enterprise solutions

Your IT systems are essential to the smooth running of your business. IT Action has developed a solid, four building block approach to providing best quality IT Support to meet business budgets which allows you to focus on your business whilst we focus on your IT Read More...

24/7 System Monitoring

24by7 network infrastructure support and monitoring enterprise solutionsThe remote monitoring of client systems and proactive alerting of potential issues before they become critical is a key component of IT Action's Dedicated / Managed Service Approach...Read More...

24/7 UK Based Help Desk

it infrastructure management and security enterprise solutions

The ability to call anytime for IT support is essential. IT Action offers unlimited hours office hours based telephone support as well as the ability to call 24/7 if your business critically needs assistance.....Read More...


One Stop Procurement


IT Action has found that its clients prefer a single port of call and good value when it comes to the purchasing of their IT hardware, software and IT services.Read More.....



itactiondatacentresmIT Action has multiple Tier 3 class datacentres throughout the London area and, as being a full member of the Internet, can route the Internet to provide fully geographically diverse high availability solutions right through to hosted websites. Read More...



consulting services enterprise solutions

IT Action has a wealth of experience in the delivery and management of large and complex IT projects. Be it a new IT infrastructure specification, planning, implementation or move, IT Action has proved itself time and again as a safe pair of hands.Read More.....


IT Advisory Services

voice solutions enterprise solutions

IT Action is well placed to offer IT Advisory Services to its clients. This can range from advisory on the best email system to suit a client's business right through to helping clients respond correctly with regard to the IT aspects on proposal requests from their prospective clients.Read More...


Digital Marketing

social media digital marketing enterprise solutions In the current times, interactions with customers are done increasingly via social communities & email communication. This is achieved via establishing the “Digital Brand” for your business in successful social communities or building one for your brand... Read More...


Business Processing Outsourcing

business process outsourcing enterprise solutionsIn today’s challenging business environment, organisations need to be able to cut operational costs without impacting on performance. Although technology has become critical to maintaining customer service levels and an organisation's competitive advantage... Read More...


IT Action: Cost Effective IT Support for Your Business

it infrastructures

Success Through Partnership

IT Action has established an enviable reputation for excellent service, trust, and strong client relationships. We work closely with clients so we become part of their IT team, building long lasting relationships that
offer business advantage, improved efficiencies and exceptional value. We have combined our understanding of your business and our technical expertise with strategic partnerships, so we can provide the hardware, software and communications solutions that meet your individual requirements and budget precisely.

Our Focus On Value As Well As Service Excellence

Increasingly IT departments are expected to provide systems that are faster, easier to use, and never break down - at a time when regulatory demands are growing and technology is becoming increasingly complex.

Our outsourced IT solutions help you achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness, helping you to control the cost of managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure critical for your business.

We provide complete IT support solutions at a lower total cost, without the headaches of additional staffing and upfront capital expenses. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to spread the lowest possible cost evenly throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Focus on your business, we will focus on your IT

STRENGTH strengths-solutions enterprise-managed service providerIT Infrastructure is pivotal to success of every business enterprise. They are relied upon to power mission critical applications, enable communications, and facilitate the distribution and storage of critical data throughout the enterprise, on demand. Our services are founded on Dedicated /
Managed ...

Learn More...

SUPPORT support-solutions-enterprise-managed-service-provider Our monitoring means that you can be sure that your PC’s and laptops are in business-ready condition. Our proactive, preventative health checks test key components of the system each day. We will be able to spot problems, almost always before they cause user downtime,and can fix them fast so your employees can make the most of every day ...Learn More...

CONTACTS contacts-solutions-enterprise-managed-service-providerWe provide full support over the phone or via email. To find out more about the benefits of IT Action's Dedicated / Managed Services & IT infrastructure support services, contact us on 0207 331 6600. If you are a existing IT Action client, you may also email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Learn More...

We are a lovely bunch!


itaction network design


IT Action partners with Telecity, Level Three Communications and Telehouse for top quality hosting services. We have worked with these companies for ten years and understand well the quality of their products.

These data centres have been designed and built to exceptionally high specifications. Each data centre is of at least a Tier 3 standard. The data centres are located in London Docklands, central London and north London.

The data centres feature the very latest world class resilient infrastructure, including multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection, in-house support and environmental controls – all of which are backed up with the high Service Level Agreement.

The co-location offer uninterrupted power back up, climate control, sophisticated security measures and independent choice of connectivity providers, ensures that IT Action’s hosting customers have the choice, control and resilience required to guarantee availability for themselves and for their customers.

State of the art technologies are used in each of the following areas:itactiondatacentre

  • Physical Security
  • Access
  • Power
  • Fire Detection/Suppression
  • Air Conditioning
  • Building Management System (BMS)

IT Action's Internet bandwidth product delivers the ultimate in reliable connectivity. You probably have the protection of redundant servers and network equipment; IT Action's Internet bandwidth product addresses the final single point of failure – connectivity. Instead of an Internet connection through a single ISP, this revolutionary managed service gives you access to the resources of multiple ISPs simultaneously. Should the worst happen and any of the ISPs experience a failure, IT Action's Internet bandwidth product will automatically switch your communications through others, guaranteeing an uninterrupted service for you, your employees and your customers.


IT Action works closely with clients to understand their business requirements and deliver flexible services that complement in-house skills, so we become a valuable extension of their own IT resources.

We utilise small service teams made up of multiple technical experts, each specialists in their own field, supported by dedicated Account and Service Managers who ensure we continually meet the highest standards of service excellence. The foundation of all our services is a Dedicated / Managed Service Approach, a key component of our commitment to total quality standards throughout our business.

Solutions Enterprise - Managed Services, IT Consultancy, Network & Security Consultants, Dedicated Service Approach

Call Prioritisation

All support calls to IT Action's Help Desk are graded according to severity and guaranteed response times are set accordingly.

Call Handling

Support calls are immediately entered into IT Action's online call handling and tracking system, either directly by email from a client or by IT Action's Help Desk engineers. The system allocates a unique call reference number and stores a complete history of work completed on the call for easy reference and look up by other engineers.

Knowledge Base

We build an extensive library of information on each client's infrastructure to allow rapid search and retrieval of previous known problems and resolutions. Our online Knowledge Base system is continually updated with technical information and procedures for solving known problems, allowing relevant information to be shared across all IT Action's service teams and locations. Our Knowledge Base adds value by improving clients' systems, helping prevent problems recurring, reducing the number of incidents and making their infrastructure more reliable for end users.

Monitoring and Alerting

IT Action's service teams have access to a highly available remote monitoring system providing instant 'traffic light' status on all elements of a client's system.

Change Management

We understand that rigorous change management is essential in ensuring the stability and uptime of our clients' critical IT systems and we always adhere to a quality controlled change management process that minimises risk and provides continuity of service.

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